Ivan (Her Russian Protector #1) by Roxie Rivera



I recently (as in today) read Ivan (Her Russian Protector #1) by Roxie Rivera.  I was looking for a quick read (111 pages) and something fun.  Come on, the whole Russian thing got me.  Okay!  I actually enjoyed this book.  I don’t normally go for novellas.  I think plot takes a little bit to build up and so I tend to stay away.  I don’t really read much erotica, which a lot of the novellas are.  This book had plot, steam, and a little bit of everything.  I liked being about to get away for an afternoon and get caught up in the life of Erin and her adventures.

Desperate to find her sister, Erin goes to the only man in Houston who can help her–Ivan Markovic. The intimidating, tattooed Russian operates one of the most elite mixed-martial arts training centers in the world but it’s his shadowy past and reputed connections with Houston’s underworld that interest her most.

To find her sister, she’ll need the help of her big, scary Russian protector—but asking for help from a man like Ivan carries a steep price, one that might just include her heart.

I think that Erin, the main character got a little lost in the story, even though the book is written partially in first person, but Ivan was quite vividly portrayed.  The way the book shifted between first and third person was a little distracting.  I am particularly attracted to third person writing, but a lot of today’s romance novels are being written in first.

If you are interested in picking up this book, visit Amazon.com or here for your copy.  Enjoy!


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    Terri Ramsey Beavers

    This sounds like a great read to me. I read about 1 EBook a day. I kid you not. I have been a book worm my entire life and it’s rubbed off on some of the grands. I wish it would on all of them because it would truly help them out when they go to college and even in their courses now.

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