Photo Prompt 12-15-2014


As her lips released his, she continued to cling to the train.  A blast from ahead signaled the train’s departure.  Her heart raced as she looked up at him. He reached to her, caressing away the tears that had fallen onto her cheek.  Her blue eyes looked sad, darkening under the strain of the emotions they held.  He knew her heart was breaking but there was nothing he could do.

The train began to move and he released her.  She stepped back onto the pavement and watched her entire life leave with that man.  She had fought to get out of the hell she called home.  She had escaped the nightmares of her past to find him.  He had opened her eyes to more than he knew.  He had shown her that even she had a future.  She feared that as the train left, she would have no future left.

As she turned from the platform, the train gone forever, she wondered when she would see him again.  He had come into her life so quickly, he had swept her off her feet with such passion, he had been her everything even if it had only been for a week.  He had given her forever.

She was never going to forget him and she was going to spend the rest of her life trying to find him again.


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