When Procrastination Hits!!!

When Procrastination Hits!!!

As I sit here, I am watching Team Umi Zumi with my toddler.  He, along with a few of my other little ones, is sick.  Although he is pretty much just chilling on the couch, I have resolved myself to stare aimlessly at my computer.  My biggest distractions include:

#1 Facebook: Curse you!  I don’t have a million friends, a ton of groups, or any reason to be on there at all, but here I am.  I refresh my feed, thinking I’ll see something interesting to watch.

#2 Youtube: This is new for me.  I have pretty much stayed away from social media until recently.  I created a playlist of music on Youtube to  listen to while I write. Unfortunately, I end up watching the music videos instead of actually working.

#Texting:  I will literally text someone (you know who you are) randomly.  I start the text with, “I’m just procrastinating”.  Wow…

#Housework:  Sometimes I just walk around the house thinking how much cleaning I need to do.  I don’t actually clean, *teehee*,  I just use that mentality of “I’ll start writing once I finish the kitchen.”

#Marketing:  This is a new one for me.  I ADORE writing.  But have just learned that I am my biggest advocate.  I need to be selling my product (thats me!).  So I sometimes postpone the act of writing for Facebook marketing, blogging, sending information to publishers and book review sites.  Basically procrastinating from the actual act of writing.

What to do when you can't stop procrastinating!
What to do when you can’t stop procrastinating!

The key for me is to set up a time where I write.  For me, a mommy with lots of little kids, that is during nap time.  During NaNoWriMo, I wrote religiously from 11:15-1 and with INTENSITY!  But, having just completed a novel, I sit and stare at my computer aimlessly.  I am lucky to complete 800 words a day.  During NaNoWriMo, I was doing at least 2,500 words a day.  I mean, that was NINE days ago.  Time for me to turn off the distractions, get back into the game, and get to work.

Yes, even your passions need a little nudge every now and then!


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    Sydney @Tastefully Frugal

    I hear ya! I feel like now that I have kids I procrastinate even more. You only get so much alone time once you are a mom there is so much you need and would like to do that, I find, a lot of times the important stuff gets pushed to the end of the list for more fun, enjoyable things.

  2. 13

    I’m the worst procrastinator! I can sit at my computer all day and then walk away feeling like I didn’t get anything done. I’m determined to get more organized and productive in 2015!

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